Welcome to the digital presence of Robert Carlesten. Physically, I'm currently residing at 59°22'5 N, 13°30'22 E, which, translated into non-nonsense, is the city of Karlstad, Sweden.

118118.se information - August 2006
Regarding this 118118.se serial story, I've now been in contact with Eniro and we both agree that the right domain name holder is Eniro. The domain name will shortly be transferred into their 'custody'. The reason behind the registration was to draw attention to the - obviously - defective registration process of .se domain names.

This is the first website I've built for myself in years. The reason is simple: I earn my living from interpreting people´s web-wishes. But I've neglected my own. Not any more, though.

So, what's so exciting about this personal-website-concept anyway? Not necessarily anything at all. I believe in stuffing it with something. Something related, and something tasty (not mushrooms and spinach). That means: keep to the subject and follow the context. Context is king! Married to content, its queen. With that said, I probably have some expectations to live up to. Let me know if I do.
I prefer not use a formal title. But, for those who insist, call me: an information designer. It's vague; I like it. Why don't you have a gander at the 'Projects' and 'Curriculum vitae' sections, instead.

Yes, I'm for sale. At least my brain. Just query me through the 'Contact' section.

Finally, I've made some efforts to make this site validate with HTML 4.01. The proof is shown here. The site also validates as CSS, despite a few warnings.

Spend a minute reading this Computer World article, starring me, a bunch of e-mail messages and some Contra Costa county administration personnel. Quite amusing, isn't it? A follow-up is found here.

Do you like the new walnut veneer around here? I do, though I prefer mahogany. However, the latter was unfortunately too expensive for this site. Besides, we don't want any further rainforest devastation, do we?
I like visiting web sites with interesting and somewhat quirky content. That's also the kind of challenges I seek. Shown below are a number of tackled challenges; private ones to the left, corporate to the right.


A "DND" URL. Usage tips: away message in a IM client, "out of office" e-mail response, e-mail signature.

Free personality test
41q.com - Web-based personality test - get to know your personality type in 41 questions, based on Myers-Briggs/Jung typology. Released in June 2007.

Web-based e-mail service with 40,000+ users. Initially providing free accounts, but is since 2003 a pay service. Has been online since year 2000. Founder and owner.

(not online)
Community site for back-packers and other travellers, allowing them to share experiences. Co-founder and interface developer.

Not really much more than a funny domain name, that turned out to make quite a stir. www.mw is a second level domain name registered under the national top level domain .mw, which is the country code for the republic of Malawi. Included in a BBC article.

Get PageRank values from multiple sources around the world. Released in June 2006.

still secret!
A mobile online community. More info to come.
As a consultant, I have worked with and advised clients such as:

Brämhults - market leader in the swedish market for fresh pressed juices.

Elon - leading company group in the swedish household appliance sector.

Swedbank (former Föreningssparbanken) - one of the largest banking groups in the Nordic area.

Rottneros - one of the world´s leading specialists in the development and production of paper pulp.

Räddningsverket - the Swedish Rescue Services Agency.

Uddeholm Swedish Rally - the second of 14 events in the FIA World Rally Championship. 70 million television viewers worldwide.

Årets Bild - the swedish picture of the year award.

Skogsstyrelsen - the Swedish National Board of Forestry.

AstraZeneca - one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies.

More detailed information of my involvement in the cases above upon request.

Resume for Robert Carlesten, born on February 3, 1978. Print this page.

aug '99 - jun '02  Studies at the Multimedia Programme, University of Karlstad, Karlstad
aug '98 - feb '99  Studies at the Information Systems Analysis Programme, University of Karlstad, Karlstad
jun '97 - feb '98  Military service, intelligence officer at the anti-aircraft command, Roslagen Anti-Aircraft Regiment/Lv3, Norrtälje
aug '94 - jun '97  The Natural Science Programme, technical niche, high school of Vasagymnasiet, Arboga
aug '85 - jun '94  Elementary schools, Kungsör

Professional experience
Jun '08 - present  Domain manager, Online Media Partner, New York
Jan '06 - May '08  Business developer and shareholder, Two i Sverige AB, Karlstad
Jul '05 - Dec '05  Self-employed, Carlesten Consulting, Karlstad
Apr '04 - Jun '05  CEO/project manager, Ord&Bild Interaktiv AB, Karlstad
Feb '99 - Mar '04  IT/web consultant, SYSteam, Karlstad
Dec '96 - Jun '02  Technical support co-worker, Tele2 Internet, department for technical support (through Medo Support), Kungsör
Jun '96 - Aug '96  Student employee, Celsius Aerotech, section technical support, division for component technics, Arboga
Jun '95 - Aug '95  Student employee, Celsius Aerotech, section pres/prim/bev, division for electronic presentation, Arboga

Other assignments/certificates
During 2005 hired as lecturer and responsible for course management by the Department of Media and Communication Studies, University of Karlstad
Microsoft Certified Professional, since 2004
Swedish driving license
In hold of notice of tax assessment for self-employed persons
Course in Applied Law for IT-companies, IT-juridiska byrån, Karlstad. June 2005.

Commissions of trust
feb '00 - dec '00  President, MYSKO, student association of multimedia students at the University of Karlstad
sep '99 - jan '00  Vice president, MYSKO, student association of multimedia students at the University of Karlstad

Language skills
Swedish: native
English: fluent
German: average

Not yet qualified for beeing an album, but nevertheless some photos. More to come!

"Mingla", my (our) mahogany boat. Originally built in the sixties, now under restoration. Frank, my ex-dog. Still beloved and still alive. Now patrolling the hoods of Hagfors. Me, myself and I. Most recent photo.

King Karl XI´s church in Kungsör (founded in 1538). Also the place where I grew up. Another church, the cathedral of Karlstad. Photo taken from my apartment window. Hafjell, Norway. April 2006. Notice the "Fakkelmannen" (Olympic Torch Man).

Four swedish Gripens moments after taking off. Såtenäs, June 2006. Church-shot, summer edition. June 2006. Entrance of Canon´s Netherlands office in Hoofddorp. July 2006.

Hamburg central station. Sponsored by Philips? August 2006.
Up to today, I've spent...

...and still got a few ten thousand of them left, I hope.

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Get PageRank values from multiple sources around the world.

Your personality type in 41 Questions.

Unnecessary gadgets. Alot of them.

As above, but in swedish.

How did this site, and others, look five years ago? Find out at:

A huge archive of web browsers.
Two former colleagues with a brand new advertising agency.

Malin Grön, a friend and a talented illustrator in Gothenburg

Träbåtsakuten. A swedish site for owners of wooden boats. Many tips and tricks in woodworking.

Need navigation assistance? A very capable service for maps and driving directions.

A nice combination of Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth. Quick and simple.

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